Giving Back

We strongly believe in the power of giving. We have made this a cornerstone focus in our personal lives, and further built the notion into the foundation of McClellan Realty. In short, we want to leave Tallahassee (and the broader community) a better place than when we found it.

How do we do it?

McClellan Realty pledges to give 10% of EVERY commission we make (up to $400) towards a charity of your choice. If you don’t have a charity in mind, we have put together two of our favorites below. Southcross Ministries focuses on helping those in our local community, while SEAPC has a global reach. Both are fantastic charities, but we would love to donate to something that else if you are passionate about it.

Southcross Ministries – Local

Southcross Ministries was founded by our very own Dan McClellan in an attempt to give back to Tallahassee. Southcross Ministries is the financial arm of the band “Southcross”, a four person Christian Rock band led by Dan. The group puts on performances around the region and donates some of its proceeds to Southcross Ministries. The group then uses the money to finance repairs, labor, maintenance, and care giving to those in the Tallahassee area who are unable physically or financially to perform the necessary work.

Southeast Asia Prayer Center – Worldwide

SEAPC is a global community established to network individuals from around the globe into one focused goal. SEAPC works mostly with underprivileged children around the world, but also has projects devoted to reducing general poverty and eliminating world hunger.

“We believe that as we go out into the world and ask God to make a way for us to help others find fulfillment through Jesus Christ and purpose in their daily lives that He will honor that and create the channels to accomplish it. This global community dedicates itself to spending time in communicating through prayer, training leaders, sharing our faith with others, and reaching the needs of children around the world.” – SEAPC

Click the picture to learn more about SEAPC