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ABOUT Carmen


Carmen Mansfield is a fourth generation native of Tallahassee, Florida.  With both her maternal and paternal great grandparents choosing Tallahassee as a place to settle, she was raised appreciating the beauty that lies within this great city and surrounding communities.  Carmen is passionate about a lot of things.  Spending time with her family and friends, exercising and meditation, and escaping to her St. George bungalow are among her favorite past times.  Close behind, and when she is not playing, she is focused on working hard.  She has been fulfilled for the past 15 years working in both the Real Estate and Marketing and Advertising industries.

Carmen grew up moving around Tallahassee quite a bit.  Her Dad, Donald was (and still is) a real estate investor.  She jokes that she rarely made friends in her neighborhoods because she was always moving.  “Dad would buy land, build, flip…   buy, build flip.”  She remembers one house (that happened to be her favorite) where she had to use towels for curtains and did not even have a doorknob because it was unfinished when they moved in.  “I wasn’t even allowed to hang pictures in my room because Dad had plans to sell that same year.”

Her Dad taught her a lot about real estate investing and it is no wonder that one of her first clients was a real estate investor/developer.  She knows how to make things happen.  Above all, the most important thing to Carmen is maintaining outstanding personal relationships.  In order to do this Carmen says “one must build trust and confidence and that doesn’t happen overnight.”  Her motto is:  Just because the deal is closed doesn’t mean the relationship ends!